• Three Reasons Why The BlackBerry Is Right For The Business Professional

    Everyday millions of business professionals rely on their smartphone to help them get through the day. Smartphones have bridged the gap between corporate communications and have increased productivity for many companies. Communication is paramount for most people and a money maker for the business professional. That's why picking the right mobile device for your organization is important.

    The growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has infiltrated just about every major organization, and has created havoc for IT Administrators all over the country, and idea of having an eclectic collection of smartphones in the work place is a nightmare for most CIOs. In addition to the BYOD epidemic, it is not uncommon to see business professionals carrying around two mobile devices. The business professional needs just one mobile device that's simply going to get things done, forget about the games and cute UI's for a minute and think about productivity and communication.

    Enter the BlackBerry, still the world's most productive mobile device.


    Perhaps the most intricate part of communication today is text messaging, whether it's an SMS message, email, or instant message, text messaging has trumped voice calling. For the business professional, the ability to send messages quickly and efficiently is a must. This is an area where BlackBerry devices have excelled in since day one.

    BlackBerry's unique QWERTY keyboard makes typing feel natural and pleasant, and unlike most touch screen devices, typing is much faster on a physical keyboard. Although RIM has done a great job releasing devices like the Torch 9800 and 9810 that give users the option to switch from a touch screen keyboard to a physical keyboard. In addition, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 offers a touch screen along with a physical keyboard. Messaging is clearly one of the BlackBerry's biggest strengths and can be matched by no other device in the market today.


    The BlackBerry smartphone combined with a BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, now becomes a triple threat to any smartphone that exists today. The business professional now has a smartphone that will send messages fast, securely, and efficiently. Yes, there are many mobile device management solutions out there that an organization can take advantage of, but none of them are as mature and tested as RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions.

    Even the business professionals that find themselves outside the walls of a protected organization, working in their own private business environment, can have the peace of mind that their data is being sent over a secure network provided by RIM.


    This is an area in which the BlackBerry is pretty much self explanatory. Out of the box BlackBerry devices maintain more security standards and certifications than any other smartphone in the world. Security in Cyber Space is just as important as it is in the physical world. Losing data can be detrimental to a business, cost employees their jobs, and even put others at risk. Most BlackBerry devices have more security features than most people even know what do with.

    The BlackBerry was built with the business professional in mind, it has all the right features to help boost productivity, communication, and security that today's business professional needs. Disagree if you must, but when it comes to the business world the BlackBerry is the go to device.

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