• Three Must-Have BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

    Now that you have purchased your shiny new BlackBerry Z10, you may be wondering what accessories you need. After spending some time with the Z10 It soon became clear that there were some accessories that are a must-have for this device. Here are three accessories that I have purchased to augment my Z10.

    The OtterBox Z10 Defender Series Case

    If you are like me then you must have a case that will protect your device. There are many cases to choose from, but the OtterBox Defender case is like no other. The case will protect your Z10 from accidental drops, dust, and scratches. If I purchase a case I want to have confidence that it will protect my device. The OtterBox Defender case does that with its 3-layer protection and built-in screen protector. This is a must have for any Z10 owners that need that extra protection. You can find it online from $49.95

    Z10 Battery Charger Bundle

    If only cellular batteries lasted longer, but they don't. Even the slightest of power-users will find that the battery life on the Z10 is less than desirable. I need my device to last all day, not just part of the day. Enter the Z10 Battery Charger Bundle. This combo will provide you with extended battery life as well as on-the-fly charging. In addition, you can simultaneously charge your device and extra battery. If you haven't already, check out our extended review of the Z10 Battery Charger Bundle. You can find it online starting at $49.99.

    Premium In-vehicle Charger

    I travel quite a bit and need something that can keep my device fresh while I am on the road. The BlackBerry Premium In-vehicle Charger does just that. As a bonus the 1.8 amp charger comes with an additional USB port that can be used to charge an additional device. This really comes in handy when you have multiple devices the need to be charge on-the-go. It is important to remember that not all chargers will work with the Z10, BlackBerry recommends that you purchase an official charger that is rated for your particular device. You can find the BlackBerry Premium In-vehicle Charger online starting at $29.99.

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