• Thorsten Heins Is Optimistic On First Quarter Results

    Why is this man smiling?? Well, in a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review, Thorsten Heins BlackBerry CEO, made some very interesting comments about the new fiscal year's first quarter earnings, BlackBerry's position financially and BlackBerry Z10 sales.

    Addressing rumors that have plagued the company in the past year about the the demise of BlackBerry, Thorsten was adamant about the solidity of the company. " In the context of the financial viability of the company that is where I shake my head sometimes and wonder what everyone is talking about. The company has no debt, I will report pretty good cash position by the end of March in my earnings call, so I think we did a really diligent job in, not just keeping the company afloat, but also bringing it back to health,” Mr Heins said.

    This seems to support what we've seen with early BlackBerry Z10 sales and reports coming out that the inventory have sold out quickly and that they're getting back users from other platforms. Adding on to the upbeat news that Mr. Heins had for BlackBerry, he also mentioned the sale of 1 million BlackBerry smartphone handsets to a mystery partner. Calling it a " symbolic milestone in the history of the company", he also stated that a confidentiality agreement kept him from revealing whom the partner is.

    We'll just need to wait and see just what Thorsten does reveal in the Q1/2013 results but it does sound really promising and hopefully it will beat the analysts estimates. What do you think? Thorsten Heins has been very forthcoming with realistic talk before. Will the news be as good as Thorsten says it will be? Let us know in the comments.

    Source: N4BB

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