• Thorsten Heins: "High Number Of iPhone & Android Users Will Purchase BlackBerry 10"

    When Thorsten Heins makes a statement, you better take him seriously.

    In a recent interview with the German website Frankfurter, when asked how BlackBerry Z10 sales have been going, Heins stated, "We have now increased our production capacity."

    He also goes onto say, "a high proportion of BlackBerry 10 devices will be purchased by new customers who previously had iPhones or Android smartphones."

    Boy was he right. We now have recent reports confirming that the BlackBerry Z10 is outselling the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 according to a major Canadian retailer.

    What's interesting, is that Windows Phone 8 is not even being compared in any reports. Goes to show that WP8 will not be a contender to BlackBerry 10 devices as BlackBerry solidifies that number 3 spot.

    Good to see those lost making their way back home to BlackBerry!

    Via: N4BB

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