• Thorsten Heins And Andrew Bocking Caught Using Their BlackBerry 10 Phones

    Look who was spotted two nights ago at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns NBA game using their BlackBerry 10 L-Series phones, Thorsten Heins, Research In Motion's CEO and Andrew Bocking, Senior V.P. of Product Management at RIM. Looks like they're enjoying taking pictures of the game. They're probably using the new Time Shift Feature of BlackBerry 10 to capture that right moment.

    Thorsten and Andrew were right up there, court side where the photographers could get a good look at them and what they were using. I'm sure this wasn't just an accidental capture of them using the flagship phone by the photographers. Publicity is the key here and what better way to show it than having the CEO and a Senior V.P. out and about with the hands on product.

    I almost want to caption the above image. "Look Andy, you can see Kobe's nose hairs," but all kidding aside, this little outing is a very important step in the reality of BlackBerry 10. It sends a message to the tech press and the world. The message is, "We're coming. Get ready."

    Seeing these photos of the BlackBerry 10 out and being used by Thorsten and Andrew really makes my admiration for Thorsten Heins grow so much more. I don't think you'd see this from the two former co-CEO's. Thorsten GETS IT. Showing the working product in action is the best form of publicity and advertising. With the holidays coming up, I'm incredibly anxious to see what RIM is going to show us in forms of advertising for the BlackBerry 10 phones. I think we're going to see a whole new RIM in 2013. and it's going to be a fantastic future.

    So what do you think about Thorsten using the BlackBerry 10 phone? Leave us a comment and let us know.

    Via: BlackBerryEmpire.com
    Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

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