• TD Canada Trust Hints Towards BlackBerry 10 App

    I recently had the unfortunate obligation to open a brand new bank account through TD Canada Trust for my sole proprietorship. I was sadden by the news that TD did not have a mobile-optimized website, nor a BB10 app.

    I took my rant to social media & emailed TD Canada Trust HQ to see why such a business-minded bank was lacking a banking app for my beloved Z10.

    Rob (I think he should be their employee of the month!) from TD responded with this good news:

    Thank you for contacting us about using the TD Mobile App with your phone.

    Delivering an exceptional customer experience is our number one priority at TD Canada Trust, and we are always happy to receive feedback.

    We are currently working on a TD Mobile App for BlackBerry 10, and it's being tested over the upcoming weeks.

    We recommend that you monitor the TD (Canada) Mobile App on BlackBerry World for updates.
    So, I can now sleep soundly knowing I'll soon be able to access my funds securely on my Z10!

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