• AT&T Trickles Out 10.2.1 For Q10 Owners

    Good news if you are a proud owner of a Q10 on the AT&T network. Despite the long tradition of releasing software updates way too late for the average consumer to enjoy all the improvements, apparently AT&T has begun letting select Q10 users into the long awaited 10.2.1 update that began rolling out globally last week.

    Again, here is a quick rundown of what to expect in this release:

    • Support for native Android apps
    • Install Android APKs directly from device or over the air
    • Hub features a customisable "pinch to filter"
    • Volume and media popups now appear at the top of the screen
    • Voice recognition provides more results from Wolfram Alpha
    • Lock screen now has a Picture Password option
    • Lock screen notifications can be opened
    • New device and app monitor apps

    There is still no date in sight for the Z10, but rest assured, it is coming in the following days.

    Did you sideload the OS when it launched globally, or are you waiting for an "official" AT&T sanction build? Let us know in the comments.

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