• T-Mobile Offers "Add A Line For Free" Until 2014

    Are you on T-Mobile and looking to save a few bucks this year? May as well take advantage of their most recent offer. You can add a line for free and pay nothing until 2014. That gives you about 9 months of free talk and text service. This deal is great for those who don't need any data, just a phone to call and text on.

    So, get the new Z10 when it hits T-Mobile next month, then give your old BlackBerry away to a family member and hook them up with this deal. How can you go wrong with that!?

    Here are a few details about the offer:

    It's the perfect time to add a line to your qualifying family plan—because now you can add family members and friends for FREE.
    • 500 Whenever Minutes® with an Unlimited Value Plan or
    • shared minutes with your existing family lines
    • Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
    • Unlimited texting, plus unlimited Nights and Weekends
    • Full-speed Internet service for as little as $10 more per month

    Head on over to the T-Mobile website to get in on this deal.

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