• AT&T Introduces Next - Ready To Rumble With T-Mobile's JUMP! Program

    T-Mobile definitely started to shake up the industry after it introduced its JUMP program to world last week. AT&T has decided to not stand idly, and let its GSM counterpart reap all the benefits of such a change. AT&T has announced a new upgrade plan for its customers called Next which will start taking effect July 26th.

    With Next, a customer can purchase a new device, pay no down payment, no financing fee, and have the price of the smartphone divided up into 20 monthly installments. Aside from these benefits, you can trade in your smartphone for a new one once every year. The payments for your old device would end there, and you would pick up the payments for the new device instead.

    It's definitely an interesting way of going about it, and for the average consumer this could end up being a great deal. I'm not sold on the idea of paying installments for a device, and then having to trade it in in order to get a new one. It almost feels like you're just renting a smartphone for a year and paying upwards of $20 or $30 a month for it.

    Let us know what you think about AT&T's Next upgrade plan. Is it enough when you compare it to T-Mobile's JUMP initiative? Sound off below!

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