• AT&T Introduces New Family Pricing Plans

    If you're in a situation where you have two or more smartphones in your family and costs are getting a bit steep for your wallet, AT&T just may have the cure for your wallet woes. AT&T has started up their new Mobile Share Value Plan which culls down the high costs for multiple phones and high data plans.

    A family of four with four smartphones, like my family, would pay $160/month including 10GB of shared data and still have unlimited calling and texting. That is a great value, especially because I, as a Verizon customer pay $260/month.Each additional phone on the plan is an extra $15/month.


    Yes, it's a very tempting offer to get people to switch because really, who wants to pay high prices? TMobile introduced something similar a couple of weeks ago and the new AT&T offer is a counter to the TMobile no contract plan. The new AT&T plan is definitely worth taking a look at and possibly movinge your contract over if it works for you. I'm hoping Verizon offers something similar soon.

    Source: PGPR

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