• AT&T Adds Three New Tiered Data Plans For Its Most Data Hungry Customers

    AT&T has introduced three new tiered data plans this morning for its wireless customers in the U.S. using their Mobile Share Data plans. The new three tiered data plans extend the maximum cap of data that AT&T allows its most data intensive users to have, from 20GB to 50GB at max.

    The three new plans, a 30GB plan for $300, a 40GB plan for $400, and a $50GB plan for $500, will include free unlimited calling and texting plans. However, each tiered data plan will also require you to pay an extra $30 per smartphone in the plan.

    It's obvious that these new plans are mostly directed at businesses that need more usage and are able to afford these ridiculous prices. Those accounts will be subjected to a max of 15 allowed devices on the 30GB plan, 20 devices on the 40GB plan, and 25 devices on the 50GB plan. Regular customers will only be allowed up to 10 lines on any one of these plans.

    And no, even with my high usage, I will not upgrading to one of these.

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