• Sussex UK Police Outfitted With The BlackBerry PlayBook

    Police in Sussex, England are being outfitted with the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet as part of their daily gear for policing duties. The PlayBook provides the Sussex Police Department with the ability to keep track of traffic stop history, witness statement recording capability, command and control use plus many more features. The Sussex police department say that they've developed 20 to 30 new apps for their PlayBooks which gives them greater access and flexibility to do their jobs.

    Another aspect that the PlayBook brings to the Sussex police force is cost saving. The force tries to save around £50 million a year and the technology provided by RIM in the form of the BlackBerry Playbook wil help them attain that goal. Watch the video below and see just how BlackBerry is making a difference in the way policing is being handled with RIM technology.


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