• "Super Secure" Android Blackphone Rooted Within Five Minutes

    Hubris. That's the only way to describe what has happened at DEF CON 22 in Las Vegas. The Blackphone, which was supposed to be the securest of the secure when it comes to Android devices, just got rooted within five minutes by Justin Case (@TeamAndIRC ) at the event tonight. And it seems Blackphone just fell victim to their own boastful pride.

    The Blackphone touted itself as the secure Android phone and even questioned BlackBerry's integrity dealing with foreign governments, after BlackBerry called the Blackphone, "Consumer grade privacy that is inadequate for business." Now it seems that Blackphone is in a little bit of a PR dilemma. Even though the exploit that was used, was patched and it cannot now be exploiyed without user consent, it can't be seen as good news for Blackphone and those who sell and use them.

    So, what does it all mean? Well, the addage is that you can't build on a shaky foundation, especially by slapping extra security on a vulnerable platform such as Android. What do you think about this bit of news? Let us know in the comments below.
    Source: CB

    Photo: Forbes

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