• Sunday Funday: WordRival and Fightin' Words (Scrabble-Like Games)

    Today on Sunday Funday we are having a head to head for Scrabble-Like games on BlackBerry. The most common of these style games would be 'Words with Friends'. Unfortunately, for BlackBerry users, Words with Friends only works on Android and iPhone. We do not know of any future plans for Words with Friends, but hopefully it will come to BlackBerry soon. So we are going to take a look at some very good BlackBerry substitutes.

    WordRival vs Fightin' Words

    We will be looking into the different games and taking them about, using the Funday Scale to see which game will out rank of other. First we will take a look at Fightin' Words, then we will check out WordRival and then I am going to some up both games with the Funday chart. Well, enough chit chat... Lets get down to business.

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