• Stop Battery Pulls With Restart Me Free From S4BB Limited

    S4BB Limited has released the ultimate app that makes any future battery pull unnecessary: Restart Me for BlackBerry! This handy application allows you to reset your phone with just one click. No difficult key combinations or alternative hardware, just a single click to freshen up your phone! If you want to save yourself the trouble of reseting your BlackBerry Smartphone yourself, you can schedule auto restarts for just $0.99 with Restart Me Pro.

    • Easy to Use: restarts your device with just a single click.
    • No-Brainer: avoids complicated key combinations to restart your device.
    • Quick Reset: you can auto-restart your device or do it manually.
    • Free your Memory: kills all the unnecessary applications running in background freeing your RAM.
    • Daily Restart Schedule*: e.g. wake up with a freshly rebooted smartphone every morning at 7:00 a.m.

    * this feature is only available in Restart Me Pro

    Restart Me Free is available for all BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 6.0 or higher and can be downloaded for free at BlackBerry App World.

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