• Stickers, Stickers, And More Stickers

    I have three sticker related news bytes for you!

    First, you can get the new Cars stickers from the BBM store right now! I know my kids would really like....oh who am I kidding!? I LOVE CARS! Go check 'em out.

    Second, you can also get the Sketch Xpress sticker pack too. These are the handy work of Pootermobile. Take the stock sticker pack and make them a tad modern and slightly more hilarious! I'm gonna have to grab that one just for the saluting smiley alone.

    Lastly, and most importantly, it looks like BlackBerry is about to offer sticker pack subscriptions. No pricing or release date yet but it appears that an upcoming version of BBM will be required. More to come there.

    Source: Crackberry

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