• Starbucks Pulls The Plug On BlackBerry Mobile Card App

    The hipster coffee gods are smiting BlackBerry a lot these days. Effective August 28th, Starbucks will be discontinuing their BlackBerry Mobile Card App. This should come as no surprise to anyone, as the app hasn't been updated further than Torch 9800.

    According to Starbucks:
    "There isn't enough of a user base to justify the time and expense of maintaining an app for the BlackBerry platform."

    Obviously you'll have that type of justification if you aren't catering to the 80 million users that are likely using devices on BlackBerry OS 6,7 or 7.1 that have not received an updated app.

    Let's hope the influx of popularity for BB10 in early 2013 will give Starbucks a change of mind in their platform support.

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