• Star Tracker Updated For BlackBerry 10

    Star Gazing. Man has been looking up at the stars since.. well, since man has been around and wondering what is up there. Man has made stories and images out of the constellations to explain why the heavens exist and in correlation, why man exists.

    Star Tracker is a great app to have if you're into astronomy or just the amateur star gazer. Pointing the app to the sky gives you augmented reality real time access to moons, suns and over 8000+ stars, 88 constellations, 100+ deep space objects and much much more. The app, in BlackBerry app world has received an update for BlackBerry 10 phones.

    The updates include:
    • a Fit and new screen side and resolution for the BlackBerry Z3
    • Tune the size and layout of UI elements for the BlackBerry Z30
    • Promises of other amazing features to come soon.

    You can head on over to your My World section of BlackBerry World and get the update, or you can download Star Tracker for $2.99 in BlackBerry World here.

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