• Sprint: "I Would Not Count RIM Out"

    It seems everyone has an opinion about Research In Motion's future and BlackBerry 10 as a whole. Most tend to just base these opinions on gut feelings or past experiences. However when someone who has seen BlackBerry 10 states an opinion, most tend to want to listen, and with reason.

    Sprint spokesperson David Owen told PhoneScoop in an interview:

    "I would not count RIM out. RIM keeps reinventing itself. BlackBerry 10, as we've looked at it, has some really good characteristics. We're excited to see what it can do. The challenge is RIM took on everything. They took on the entire gambit: the storefront, the operating system, the manufacturing, and this caused them to be slow in reacting to the changes in the market. We don't think we will see RIM get back to the levels they were two years ago. So we have to figure out where they'll be going forward"

    This frankly doesn't surprise me. Sprint has been struggling after it invested so much on getting the iPhone and having those investments not really pay off. That being said the comment in general does seem to have a positive tone to it and good thing too. Carrier support will be crucial to how successful BlackBerry 10 is in the U.S. market.

    No one really knows what happens behind closed doors between carriers and manufacturers. Sometimes, carriers want these devices exclusively in order to fully back them.

    It would be completely understandable for a struggling carrier, like Sprint, to have seen and liked BlackBerry 10, asked RIM to have one of the two (if not both) devices exclusively and having RIM decline.

    Only time will tell what happens with BB10 and how it becomes divided among the U.S. carriers but one thing is for sure, RIM should completely and totally stay away from exclusive carrier deals. That would only hinder their ability to get BB10 out to as many people as possible.

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