• Spotify For BlackBerry Now Available In App World

    Spotify has finally come out of the public beta they were running and will now be available to certain BlackBerry users via App World.

    For those of you wondering, Spotify is an app that allows you to stream tons of songs directly to your BlackBerry device with a simple click. It's actually a really nifty app and does all its functions extremely well. Many that have tried the beta out rave about it so it's definitely cool to see it finally hit App World.

    Now, why did we say only a certain amount of BlackBerry users can get it? Well, Spotify has informed us that the app currently only supports certain GSM and CDMA carriers' BlackBerry devices. Apparently, Verizon BlackBerry devices are one of the group that isn't being supported right now.

    No word on if/when other devices will be supported but we definitely hope that is the case in the near future. For now though head on over to App World and check to see if your device is supported. Leave us a comment below to let us know if your device/carrier is supported!

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