• Spice Up The Look Of Your BlackBerry's Clock With WordClock

    One of the screens we see the most is the clock screen. Every time we charge our devices, it pops up, and many of us use the clock app as our main alarm clock. The native clock app comes with a couple of different interface options, but none like WordClock.

    WordClock takes a typical numeric interface and flips it on its head by highlighting text phrases within a static alphabet grid to indicate the time instead. It actually looks so slick and brings a fancier feel to your device the minute you plug it in. Trevor, the developer of WordClock, recommends using it on your BlackBerry cradle for an even better look.

    WordClock supports all OS5 and above devices, (except the Pearl and Pearl Flip), and comes in free and paid (USD1.99) versions. The Free version only has the black color theme, whereas the paid version adds on the following features:

    1. 6 color themes – Black, Chocolate, Indigo, Maroon, Olive, Oxford and Teal
    2. Automatic running on charging the phone, via cable or dock
    3. Option to keep backlight on
    4. Alarm with snooze function
    5. Option to display the date
    6. Option to display the alarm.

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