• Space TV Plus For BlackBerry Z10 On Sale This Weekend!

    In celebration of the Z10 USA launch, Space TV Plus For the BlackBerry Z10 is going on sale for three days at 50% off! Instead of the regular $1.99, purchase now for only $0.99. The sale starts today through Sunday, March 31st. Space TV Plus utilizes the Cascades native UI framework to ensure superior performance, and is certified Built for BlackBerry.

    App description: Space TV Plus provides users with live NASA TV in HD, NASA video on demand, space related news, images from Mars, and the Astronomy Image of the day, all via rich and beautiful interface designed exclusively for the BlackBerry Z10. Other features include the ability to share news articles quickly and easily to all social networks and apps via the BlackBerry Invocation framework, a robust help section, and much more.

    Developer, Jeremy Duke of OSBB Code Labs, also let us known that this sale is being conducted to boost the user base prior to the release of the free update to version 2.0, which will feature a redesigned news feeds section and many other redesigns and improvements. Version 2.0 will be available in the coming weeks and will include support for the BlackBerry Q10. So get it now before the price goes back up!

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