• South Africans Love Their BlackBerry

    Contrary to the many reports that no one uses BlackBerry anymore and that the company is dead, well it seems that in South Africa its alive and doing very well. A few months back it was reported that the BlackBerry Z3 was the best selling smartphone in South Africa. Now new reports by Vodacom, the biggest carrier here, BlackBerry Classic sales have tripled in this quarter compared to the last quarter of 2014 when the device was launched.

    Its no surprise though, South Africans have always been fans of BlackBerry's iconic best in class physical keyboard. In my research from a small sample of 4000 Facebook friends, over 200 of those friends have recently moved to BlackBerry 10. The Z3 and Z10 making up most of the numbers followed by the Q10. BlackBerry has gained a lot of traction in South Africa. I see a lot of BlackBerry 10 handsets in more hands these days because more and more people are starting to see the superiority of the operating system over Android and iOS or even windows phone.

    Although Android phones rule in this market, the BlackBerry Z3's great built quality and a great price of around 180 US Dollars, is a great smartphone for the price. The Classic seems to has followed in its footsteps, and displayed by Vodacom in their carrier stores, the Classic and the Leap are in the top 10 of their best smartphones. That's two phones from BlackBerry.

    Its clear and its also fair to say that South African's love their BlackBerry's.

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