• SoundHound Lands In BlackBerry World Officially With A BB10 Native App

    SoundHound is one of the world's best music discovery apps. As one of the biggest rivals to Shazam, SoundHound made the smart decision to bring their app to BlackBerry before Shazam and will now reap the benefits of it.

    The best part about this SoundHound for BlackBerry 10 app? It's native! As a legit BlackBerry 10 app, SoundHound performs exactly how you would expect it to. It's fluid, quick, and gets the job done. Check out the link below to download the newest app to hit BlackBerry World, SoundHound.

    [Please Note:] SoundHound is only compatible with BlackBerry 10.1 and up.

    ◦ Blazing fast music recognition
    ◦ The world's only singing and humming recognition
    ◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
    ◦ Buy links, YouTube videos, and more!

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