• Sony Turned to BlackBerry After Massive Cyberattack

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    2014 has been a year of massive hacking incidents. After Apple's cloud service hacking which led to celebrities' personal pictures being leaked, Sony Pictures is now the most recent to get its system hacked. This resulted in its internal communications, movie scripts and even full unreleased movies being stolen. While the hackers or the motivation behind the hacking remain unknown until now, one thing that should be a standout to corporate types, is that Sony has turned to using BlackBerry devices for its communication purposes, according to a report from Wall Street Journal.

    The main reason of Sony choosing BlackBerry is due to its ability to communicate safely (accessing emails, BBM, and data) using its own server so that the hackers wouldn't be able to access it. This news ensures that BlackBerry remains the most secure platform available nowadays, as John Chen has said repeatedly.

    "It's proven that BlackBerry devices and the server are a lot more secure than any other solutions out there commercially available." Chen said in an interview with CNBC on Dec. 19.

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