• Sony Smart Watch Captured Playing Nice With BlackBerry Z10

    Well, things may start getting interesting once the updated BlackBerry OS 10.2.1.xxxx drops officially. Although the latest leak has only been available a few weeks, lots of people are enjoying how simple it is to be able to pull an APK and load it into their BlackBerry Devices straight up; as is, with no converting, debug tokens or modifications on behalf of the consumers.

    What is more, this updated OS comes with an upgraded Android runtime that enables hardware acceleration, and adds bluetooth support, as well as adding the ability to run native code.

    All of this means is that more apps not intentionally developed for BlackBerry devices will run easily and smoothly, also opening the doors to other functionality that consumers could benefit from, as is the case of being able to pair with other tech designed to be controlled via an Android device. In the video below,
    youtube user Eir Apps demo's a Sony SmartWatch being able to initiate a call directly on the Z10, using the latest leak and the SmartWatch app pulled from Google Play.

    He goes on to say that nothing else was needed in order to get the Sony SmartWatch to talk to the Z10 other than the leaked OS and the APK from Google Play. As is to be expected with a leaked beta of the software, not all features are currently working, but hey, that is far more functionality than BlackBerry had at launch.

    Given the rising popularity of wearable intelligent tech such as the Pebble watch and the new Samsung Gear, it's only a matter of time until multi-device integration becomes the next "must have app" of the foreseeable future. Opening up BlackBerry 10 to easily install apps like these makes it easier for BlackBerry to get access to technology that otherwise be outright denied or not supported.

    It is no secret that BlackBerry is working on their own paradigm of interconnected devices and are working hard to position themselves as the "mobile computing platform" to beat. We've gotten a glimpse of the power of interconnected devices via BlackBerry Bridge, and it just makes me wonder how interested BlackBerry would be in developing their own smart watch in-house with the ability to pair to both a BlackBerry 10, and Android devices. Obviously, the technology is there, but can they execute?

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