• Snap2Chat - Native BlackBerry 10 Snapchat Client Now In Public Beta

    Almost a full year after BlackBerry 10 launched worldwide, we are seeing on almost a weekly basis the ways that the BlackBerry developer community is striving to shrink the app gap. Earlier this week, Nem0ry, the same developer behind DroidStore gave the BlackBerry community a glimpse of the beta version of Snap2Chat, a native SnapChat client for BB10 devices.

    Based on the information provided to us, it looks very likely that we will see a version of this app in BlackBerry World early in 2014.

    Because the app is in beta, you’ll need to manually side-load the .BAR file onto your BlackBerry device. Find outhow to side-load apps onto your BlackBerry. You can keep up on Snap2Chat via the developer’s Twitter page.

    Here is the change log for Snap2Chat v.05:

    Major Changes:
    Send Snaps
    View Snaps

    Bright and Dark Theme Options
    Customize Title Bar Color
    Customize The Main Tabbed Pane
    Pull To Refresh
    Better Loading and Faster

    Camera Features:
    Set Front or Rear Camera
    Set Aspect Ratio
    Set Flash Mode
    Set Shooting Mode
    Set Focus Mode
    Set Scene Mode

    Edit Features:
    Edit Via Built in Picture Editor
    Set Snap Lifetime
    Add Caption (Simulation for now but doesn’t reflect to the final snap)

    Missing Edit Features:
    Drawing Lines
    Saving Captions

    Viewing Snap Features:
    Timer ticks until snap expires
    Tap To Load
    Double Tap To Reply
    Press and hold to view snap

    Send Snap Features:
    Send to unlimited number of friends
    Reply to a snap
    Send a specific snap to a friend

    Now Supports:
    10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and above
    All Devices (But only tested: 10.1 Dev Alpha C and 10.2.1 Z10)

    Bugs Fixed:
    Loading Multiple Times Bug now fixed
    And many more (I already forgot ahahha)

    Upcoming Features:
    3rd Party Worldwide Chatroom (still integrated with snap2chat)

    Source: Gadgism

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