• Snap2Chat Beta v0.9 Available Now

    Snap2Chat, the native Snapchat app for BlackBerry 10 users is constantly being tweaked. Currently, the app is only available in beta (needs to be sideloaded). This latest update,v0.9, adds some nice features. The developer is always looking for feedback, so don't hesitate to leave some constructive criticism below.

    CHANGES IN 0.9:
    • ADDED - Video Recorder (You can now happily send videos)
    • ADDED - Video Editor (it's awesome, but video editor saves video in a higher size, sometimes your video snap will not be sent when you use this editor)
    • ADDED - Front Facing Flash
    • ADDED - 2 More recent snaps in active frame for z30
    • IMPROVED - Reduced RAM/Memory Usage Size - Before Up to 320MB
    • IMPROVED - Startup Time
    • ADDED - Jump to top and jump to bottom in lists
    • ADDED - 1 and 2 second snap time limit
    • CORRECTED - Friends Count in Friends Tab
    • REMOVED - Advanced Camera Settings
    • FIXED - About Page Close Button
    • FIXED - Mirroring on attached photos, shoutbox and in extended profile
    • FIXED - Shows Stories Count in Tab
    • ADDED - Space Bar Key to Capture and Start/Stop Recording
    • REMOVED - BB10 Camera

    Source: CB Forums

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