• SMS Backup Now Available For BlackBerry 10

    When switching platforms or even switching phones, we often want to copy over our precious text messages that are stored on the device. Since such tool doesn't exist in BlackBerry World yet, the developers of Epic Windmill decided to create one.

    SMS Backup is a complete text message backup and restore solution for BlackBerry 10 devices. Whether you want to backup your text messages, or want to import your (old) text messages from a BlackBerry 10 or Android device, SMS Backup is there to help.

    - Backup text message to an open XML format (Compatible with the popular Android backup and restore solution SMS Backup and Restore)
    - Restore text message (Checks for duplicates on import)
    - Clear all your text messages (Safely remove all text messages)

    This is a helpful tool for people who want to switch from Android to BlackBerry 10. Or for those BlackBerry 10 users who want to either backup/restore their text messages, or sync their text messages between multiple phones (i.e. Z10 and Q10). Guides are also available on their product website.

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