• Smartphone Manufacturers Have Shown Interest In Having BBM Preloaded On Their Devices

    Since BBM is making its way to Android this summer, and a flurry of different handsets along with it, it would make sense for these smartphone manufacturers to ask BlackBerry what else they could do with BBM.

    In a recent interview with CNET, BlackBerry's COO Kristian Tear (pronounced like the tears of a crying clown), said that “there is interest from other handset makers” to have BBM preloaded on their devices. Tear declined to comment which manufacturers specifically would want to have BBM on their devices by default, but we could probably imagine there would be quite a few out there.

    If this indeed does come to fruition, it would be a huge win in BlackBerry's corner for having BBM reach the masses. Messaging apps (like WhatsApp, Kik, etc) don't come preloaded on anyone's device, making the user themselves have to take action in looking up these apps, downloading them and using them. Having BBM preloaded on any non-BlackBerry handset would give it the upper hand over its messaging competitors.

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