• Sleep Genius Is A Simple And Efficient Multi Alarm Clock For BlackBerry 10

    App description: Get the sleep that you deserve now with Sleep Genius. Listen to soothing nature sounds designed to get you to sleep fast. But once you are having the best sleep of your life don't worry Sleep Genius comes with its own alarm clock to get you up exactly when you need to be. Choose from a large number of built in alarm tones are just select your own tone to play back as the alarm. You can even pick a message notification to remind you of something when the alarm goes off.

    No other application offers so many advanced features:
    1. Soothing relaxing sounds guaranteed to give you a perfect sleep with auto shutoff and bedside clock mode.
    2. Create unlimited alarms
    3. Advanced repeat options for alarms making it easier than ever to have any number of recurring alarms without having to recreate a new alarm every time
    4. Messaging Integration into BlackBerry Hub and System Messaging for you own custom notification messages
    5. Choose from the large number of available alarm tones or select your own audio file for your alarm.
    6. Shake feature makes it ultra simple to shut off the alarm quickly when needed.
    7. Extremely simple and intuitive user interface that anyone of all ages can enjoy using.
    8. Live home screen widget with current time, next alarm, extra phone stats, signal and battery strength indicators Don't settle for a slow running Android port that is difficult to use.

    This app is made specifically for your BlackBerry device taking advantage of everything your phone has to offer and is not available for any other phones. Download for only $1.99 via BlackBerry World.

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