• Skype Attends BlackBerry 10 Jam In California

    One of the most interesting things about this BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour that's going on right now is learning who will show up and from what companies. Well today, Mikel Calderon who is attending BlackBerry 10 Jam in Santa Clara, California, sent out the above tweet that made a lot of people crack a little smile. Apparently, Skype does like BlackBerry a little.

    Whether we want to actually use Skype to video chat or simply realize that an app of that importance is essential to a successful ecosytem, we all want Skype on BlackBerry 10. Unfortunately thus far, no Skype app has been developed for the PlayBook and much like with Netflix, nothing has been confirmed for BlackBerry 10 yet either. Obviously, we're all pretty sad about it.

    Now, does the fact that they showed up to BlackBerry 10 Jam today mean that we'll have a Skype app for BlackBerry 10 for sure? No, it doesn't. But it doesn't hurt when you think about it. One of the things I've always complained about is how certain companies aren't even giving RIM a chance to show them what BlackBerry 10 can bring and if they did, they would be impressed.

    Well, this is exactly what Skype seems to be doing at least. They were willing to send a developer/representative out there today and actually check out what RIM has to say about BB10.

    Hopefully, this can be the first step in a great partnership between RIM and Skype/Microsoft for the benefit of all future BlackBerry 10 users.

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