• SketchBook For BlackBerry 10 Coming Soon

    ReFocus Tech is going to be releasing a great new app for your BlackBerry Passport and "Z" devices soon. SketchBook is a neat app that is exactly what it sounds like. It is a sketching and drawing app that features different tools to help you express your thoughts in the most beautiful way possible! Your mind is the limit!

    Refocus Tech plans on releasing SketchBook in early January for a New Years’ Discount at $2. You can see the trailer of this neat app right here.


    • Sketch, Draw and Paint using your BlackBerry 10 device!
    • Essential toolkit to work with – whether you are a beginner or a professional
    • 6 different drawing tools – Pen, Pencil, Water color Brush, Marker, Permanent Marker and Eraser
    • Color palette of 40 handpicked colors for the best sketching experience
    • Assistive touch – Hide the toolkit and focus on your drawings!
    • Organize your art work into unlimited number of Books and Pages in SketchBook
    • Give your books and sketches unique names as you see fit
    • Instantly share your sketches once they are created
    • Specially optimized for the BlackBerry Passport and Z Series smartphones

    The perfect app for the budding artist inside you.

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