• Show Me The Images and Email++ For Sale For $0.99 For Limited Time

    I love it when apps go on sale. I especially love it when it's apps that are actually awesome like Show Me The Images and Email++. The guys from Kisai Labs and Devcellent are offering this for a limited time so if you don't already have both of these apps in your BlackBerry then make sure you get them now.

    Show Me the Images

    By default, BlackBerry® devices are set to defer image downloads in e-mail messages until the user goes to the menu and clicks "Get Images". What if you wanted more control?

    Show Me The Images automatically downloads images in your e-mails without you needing to hit that "Get Images" menu item. You can disable it, download based on a safe list of e-mail addresses (default) or download no matter who the contact is.


    Enhance your BlackBerry® email experience today with Email++ - A fully integrated graphical toolbar for the native BlackBerry Email app with features such as Convert To, Forward/Reply with Edit, Unsend, Priority, Block/Filter, My Availability and My Location. Email++ also features Microsoft Outlook like Message Preview no matter on which screen (including the Homescreen) you are on. Tired of fragmented plugins that show up as mere menu items in the email app and are hard to find and use? Try Email++ today and love email like never before.
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