• ShortcutMe for BlackBerry 60% Off Today!


    Create your own shortcuts and MACROS (new!) to Email, SMS, PIN, call someone or get fast access to major applications using keyboard shortcuts (or multiple clicking convenience keys).

    ShortcutMe is a must have application that allows you to create and use your own shortcuts for your BlackBerry. It allows you to create shortcuts for a new Memo/Task, toggle the Bluetooth/Wifi/Radio, or open a favorite website. And it allows you to quickly launch BlackBerry or 3d party applications.

    Features :
    -150 fully customizable shortcuts for major BlackBerry applications and tasks.
    -Assign 3 applications to each convenience key.
    -Assign 3 applications to Space key (Only for devices with full QWERTY keypads).
    -Create your own shortcuts to do various tasks i.e. toggle Bluetooth or launch apps
    -Use Direct Launch feature to launch apps without even creating a shortcut for it.
    -Cascade your shortcuts so that they run one after the other (Leaving Home shortcut, where ShortcutMe turns off WiFi, Turns on Bluetooth, Turns on cellular radio and launches your favorite music so that you can hear it in the car stereo system. All of that by for example just double clicking the Space or side key.
    -Built-in fast 5 days weather forecast for several cities.
    -Built-in fast stock market overview
    -Built-in screen capture feature
    -AND many more. Please visit 'shortcutme dot com' for a complete list of features.

    Get ShortcutMe today only for $1.99!

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