• ShopBlackBerry.com Officially Launches Sales Of Unlocked BlackBerry Smartphones In The U.S.- No Q5 Or Z30

    In typical BlackBerry fashion, the company has put out a press release to announce something we've known for about three weeks already. In this case, it's the fact that ShopBlackBerry.com has officially started selling unlocked/SIM-free BlackBerry smartphones in the U.S. Unfortunately, like we pointed out when we first learned about this new change, right now you can only buy the Z10, or Q10 from ShopBlackBerry.com. The device we really want in the U.S., the BlackBerry Z30, and the lower-end Q5 are not available via the site. We're guessing they will be there eventually, but no official word as to if/when they will be.

    The only real devices that BlackBerry may be able to sell from this lineup are the white variants of its Z10, and Q10. Verizon has an exclusivity deal with BlackBerry to be the only carrier that had the white Z10, and Q10 to sell to the public. By making the devices available in both colors, BlackBerry can now sell them to someone, like me, that has AT&T, and had to be content with the black variant, but really wanted the white one instead.

    Are you picking up a BlackBerry 10 device from ShopBlackBerry.com? Let us know in the comments!

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