• Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Raves About Dropping His iPhone For The BlackBerry Z10

    It's kind of difficult to keep up with every celebrity that's switching over to the Z10 sometimes (there's a lot of them). This evening though, a tweet with caught my attention with an awesome video of an ex-iPhone user talking about his new love, the BlackBerry Z10. The man was none other than billionaire venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary. Many people will recognize O'Leary from the popular Canadian TV show Dragon's Den and it's U.S. counterpart, Shark Tank.

    In the video, O'Leary talks about his reluctance to give up his QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry (we're assuming a Bold 9900), and adopt BlackBerry's "new technology," BlackBerry 10. After seeing his friend rocking the Z10, and getting a demo of how the keyboard worked, he was convinced.

    "Guess what? I dumped my iPhone yesterday," O'Leary said. He then added about the Z10, "Right now, [...] this is the best technology on the market today until somebody else surpasses it. I've switched. I always have the best, you know that."

    This is exactly what BlackBerry needs, VIP-style people talking about their product and raving about it. I have no doubt we will continue to see more high profile celebrities and businessmen come out and give BlackBerry a great shout out. Word of mouth advertising is something no commercial can replace.

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