• The A-Series Device Will Be Called The BlackBerry Z30

    When the A-Series first started to be rumored, we all wanted to see what it would look like. Now that that's been revealed, the next order of business is knowing what it would be called. For some reason, some people have decided to start calling it the A10, which makes zero sense, but I digress. We've also seen the back part of the device have the name Z00 (zeroes not Os), but figured that would be a really dumb name to pick.

    Well, today we're given another possible name courtesy of the guys from BerryReview, the Z30. Apparently, the latest OS leak has a curious system file which reveals the names of upcoming unreleased devices. Within that file, a listing that says "ID 8c00240a, STA100-1:Z30 BlackBerry Z30:Touch" was found.

    Much like the STL100-X is to the Z10, SQN100-X is to the Q10, apparently the STA100-X is to the name Z30.

    Now, obviously, by the time this devices gets announced officially, BlackBerry's marketing/branding team could decide to completely change it up, but so far, it's definitely looking like the Z30 will be the name given to the A-Series. With that in mind, are you a fan of the name? Let us know below!

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