• Select Best Buy Canada Stores Offering BlackBerry Z10 for $99

    If you live in Ontario, Canada and are near either the Cloverdale Mall or Centerpoint Mall and you want a great deal on the BlackBerry Z10, you should hurry over to the Best Buy Mobile stores there. They're offering a great deal on the price of a BlackBerry Z10 with a 3 year contract. The price is $99 which is a grand opening deal for these stores only and lasts until February 24th.

    Recently, Best Buy Canada and Future Shop have closed 15 of their big stores to concentrate more on their "Best Buy Mobile" stores just like the ones at Cloverdale and Centerpoint malls, thus bringing the awesome sale price for a grand opening special.

    Hurry over and let us know if you got one for the special price, in the comment section.

    Source: N4BB

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