• Security Buzzword Slipping As A Reason To Hold On To BlackBerry

    Deep in the minds of many BlackBerry users, is the buzzword security. It seems to come up in just about every debate between a BlackBerry advocate and those that oppose it. BlackBerry evangelists and fans are quick to bring up security as one of the top reasons to choose the BlackBerry device. Does security still play a large role in whether or not someone chooses BlackBerry as their mobile device?

    There is no question that when it comes to security the BlackBerry is the number one device. Security has always been something that RIM has done very well and has done a great job selling that to the public. It has always been one of RIM's strengths to walk into an organization, and sell them on security. Most organizations choose BlackBerry for just that reason, they know that they can trust RIM with their data. Many organizations with sensitive data choose BlackBerry simply because they can't afford to have a data breach, and they know that BlackBerry is the most trusted, proven mobile device on the market. But what about organizations or regular consumers that don't have this type of sensitive information? Are they really sold on security?

    I think that most people would agree that when you talk to the average person about a mobile device you're not selling them on how secure it is, but rather what it does and how many app it has. In today's mobile computing world the priorities seem to have shifted away from security to functionality. With the advancement of new technology and the myriad of applications, consumers and organizations have been blinded from looking at security as a primary reason to choose a smartphone.

    Security alone, isn't as strong as it once was for those evangelizing the BlackBerry brand. RIM needs to continue to push the new features and applications of its upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Consumers need to see that the world of BlackBerry is changing, and that it's not just about security. RIM will need to continue exposing BlackBerry 10 to the public and give its advocates more tools to promote its brand.

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