• Secure With A BlackBerry

    In today's world, security is an extremely important topic. Each and everyday, countless new reports fill the web with recent security breaches ranging from Facebook accounts to bank websites. As we become more social, our information is plastered all over the internet for millions upon millions to see.

    One security topic has been overseen in the past few years, and that is mobile devices. Today according to Engadget over 32% smartphone users use an iPhone and 48.5% use Android devices. In the past, BlackBerry devices were popular with companies and government agencies simply based on the tight security RIM provided for their devices.

    The question has always been asked, are other smartphones as secure as a BlackBerry device? One major reason why BlackBerry devices are as secure is because of BES/BIS. BlackBerry email is encrypted using end to end protocol, which means even RIM themselves could have a hard time trying to access your information. BBM is just as secure as email on a BlackBerry using a different method, but as powerful. On a BlackBerry device, no software can be installed without the user approving such installation. Even after a software has been installed, the user can disable access to several features of the device at will. Most BlackBerry devices also offer full encryption through its chip, making it in most eyes the most secure phone on the market.

    So why are BlackBerry devices so secure? Just search up the last breach on a BlackBerry device and compare it to any other phone on the market and you will have your answer.

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