• Samsung's Latest TV Ad Goes After BlackBerry

    It's no surprise with only 10 days left till the launch of BlackBerry 10 that Samsung has decided to release a smear ad against BlackBerry Smartphones. They have been relatively quite against BlackBerry for some time now, so why now?

    The answer is, Samsung is trying to keep their hand dipped into the business user market. RIM's BlackBerry 10 Ready Program has been attracting attracting users at a alarming rate.

    The Ready Program offers free BB10 training and the opportunity to easily upgrade existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server licenses. The program was designed to bring RIM's business customer base into the BlackBerry 10 fold. It's working.

    RIM has recently stated that more than 1,600 businesses in North America have registered for BlackBerry 10 Ready since it was announced in December. So, Samsung has a lot to worry about. Here it comes!

    Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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