• Samsung Shows RIM No Love And States 'We Haven't Considered You'

    As Research In Motion continue to work on the delivery of BlackBerry 10, rumors continue to spread with regards to RIM's future including its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.
    Earlier last week, Thorsten openly stated his willingness to listen to the idea of having other manufactures deliver smartphones using the BlackBerry 10 operating system (OS). This comment has drew speculations of potential clients that would be interested in the OS. One of the companies which have been repeatedly brought up through these rumours include Samsung who is currently one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. With Samsung being one of the top smartphone manufactures without an operating system to call their own, it would make a lot of sense for a company like Samsung to take a good look at licensing BlackBerry 10 or completely taking over Research In Motion while their stock price is highly undervalued compared to their book value. Despite the match which may seem to make sense on paper, Samsung issued a statement yesterday which stated that "Samsung Electronics has not considered the acquisition of Research In Motion or licensing BB 10".

    Personally, although I would strongly prefer that my BlackBerrys came from RIM, I strongly believe that Samsung would make a great partner for RIM if they are to fight off Android, Windows Phone and iOS and make a strong push for the top operating system in the mobile market. Even though at this time Samsung has not consider licensing BlackBerry 10, with their ongoing lawsuits with variety of companies including Apple and Microsoft with regards to their devices, they may soon change their mind and look to different strategies to differentiate their devices from these companies.

    Let us know in the comments below what you think about BlackBerry 10 on a Samsung device. Would you buy it or would you prefer a 'pure breed' BlackBerry.

    Source: Tech Radar

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