• Samsung Getting BBM Exclusively For First Three Months [UPDATED]


    Apparently there has been some imprudent tweeting on @SamsungMobileNG's part, as according to BlackBerry "no one will have an exclusive offering on BBM."

    BlackBerry has issued the following statement regarding the question:

    "The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon."


    Samsung has been marketing BBM in Africa for a little while, and it had surprised some of us to see that happening. Apparently, we now have an answer as to why that has been the case. The above tweet, sent from Samsung Mobile Nigeria's official Twitter account has revealed they will be getting BBM exclusively this coming week for a three month period.

    Now, the exact date in which BBM goes public is a little iffy. According to multiple people we've talked to, BBM is suppose to be launching on September 19th, the day after the Malaysia event we told you about a couple of days ago, not on Friday, September 20th, as the tweet suggests. Only time will tell which day it ends up being, but nevertheless, it's coming, and it's coming quick!

    The issue of whether or not it's a smart idea to give Samsung an exclusive window for BBM will definitely be a hot topic to discuss. We're not sure exactly what this exclusivity deal may mean either. Is it a worldwide deal or just regional?

    Is this is a completely exclusive deal (meaning even over iOS)? We doubt it, but even if it is only over Android, it does mean that super popular non-Samsung devices like the HTC One, Moto X, Nexus 4, 5, will have to wait until December to get it officially.

    We've reached out to BlackBerry for an official statement and will follow up should they let us know what's up. Meanwhile, make sure you sound off in the comments below!

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