• Samsung Announces Physical Keyboard Add-on, It's Horrible Looking

    It's a Samsung release day if you haven't noticed. Everyone is talking about the latest, greatest, gigantic Android phone from Samsung. Along with that release we find the rumor of Samsung building a physical keyboard accessory is true. But why isn't anyone talking about how HORRIBLY UGLY IT IS? You can't make stuff up like this. Look at that thing. LOOK AT IT. I just threw up in my mouth a little. Nope. A LOT. Couldn't they have taken a page from Treos or Pres or BLACKBERRY?

    Ok that's a bit harsh, I guess. It truly is a GREAT idea. I see it a couple different ways:

    1. Samsung's number 1 competitor is LG. They really don't like each other. But they are notorious for going tit for tat with products and software. Competition drives innovation. So if this pushes LG to offer a physical keyboard too (which you can bet they'll be watching the success of the add-on device very closely) and it makes physical keyboards popular again? Hmmm. Not bad at all.

    2. The BlackBerry "Venice" slider is most likely running Android (grrr). Samsung will release it's two new flagships with add-on keyboards at launch and then launch two more of the same add-ons for last year's flagships at roughly the same time the BlackBerry "Venice" hits the market. We could see a boom of BlackBerry's flying off the shelf. Think about it. Top-of-the-line Android phones (vulnerable) with an ugly, huge add-on keyboard OR top-of-the-line Android phone with a sexy hide-away keyboard PLUS the security of BlackBerry?

    The BlackBerry Passport already introduced innovation in keyboards with it's capacitive keys. With more keyboard competition we could really see a boom in this area. It'll be up to consumer's reactions though.


    God, is that thing ugly.

    Source: Engadget

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