• S4BB Developer Sales Reports Uncovers Next BlackBerry 10 OS Is Already In The Hands Of Many

    The US is barely getting settled with their 10.2.1 update (except for AT&T, c'mon get your stuff together!), and it seems like more than a handful of people are already running around with 10.2.2. Sure, we just got a leak for, but judging from its unpolished feel and buggy nature, it is very likely that the OS team has long surpassed this leaked build internally. At any rate, 10.2.3 is a long ways out before we see it as a world-wide production build.

    Lucky for us, thanks to the above graphs provided by our friends at S4BB, we can get some insights as to the state of BlackBerry app distribution.

    For starters, it is good to see that although OS fragmentation is a burden BlackBerry will have to live with until older devices get retired after they fulfill their useful life, the top OS in use by far is the latest 10.2.1, followed closely by legacy 7.1, 6, and 5 BlackBerry OS flavors. However, an interesting fact is found towards the end of the list. According to the data, OS 10.2.2 is already starting to make some download impressions in developer reports. This is not to say that the above data is to be one hundred percent representative of the whole range of apps and games available to BlackBerry users, or for BlackBerry World as a whole, but it is a good point to start given S4BB's large portfolio of apps.

    As for the devices downloading the most apps, it is clear by this data that despite pundit claims that the keyboard is dead, the Q10 wins here by a landslide, closely following are some enigmatic devices using different GPU's, one with a Qualcomm GPU and another with an Imagination GPU device. However, digging around some more, we find that these two GPU swatches combined are the result of both Z10 devices and Playbook devices, as highlighted in an article from Inside BlackBerry Blog from back in February of last year. The rest of the devices still downloading apps are the large volume of legacy devices still being used in the wild, presumably in emerging markets.

    It would be interesting to see what this data looks like in six to nine months time when the Z3 and Q20 start hitting the market. Thanks S4BB for the incredible insight!

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