• Rumor: Sprint Will Carry An All Touch BlackBerry 10 Device In The Second Half Of 2013

    Sprint has been taking some heat from BlackBerry fans for opting to not carry the BlackBerry Z10 and instead opting to go for the Q10 alone. I can tell you I know plenty of people that have voiced their displeasure with Sprint because of this and it seems like they're feeling the backlash.

    AllThingsD has gotten wind of a rumor which suggests Sprint will be carrying a future all touch BlackBerry 10 in the second half of 2013, not the Z10. According to the report, this mysterious device would be "a follow-on handset to the Z10, rather than just a slightly modified version of the initial all-touch phone being sold by Sprint’s rivals."

    This is extremely likely due to the fact that we've known that BlackBerry intends on launching 6 devices during the calendar year, three all touch and three QWERTY models.

    Some have speculated that this could be the reason that Sprint decided to not carry the Z10 and opt for the future all touch BB10 device. Frankly, that's a load of crap. Sprint, like every other carrier that has the Z10 and will eventually carry future all touch BlackBerry models, could have taken on both devices. They have more than likely heard too much negative feedback on their decision, and had an "insider" use this cop out to make some customers think twice about switching.

    It's a smart tactic, but the two instances are not connected. Sprint has lost too much due to their moronic agreement with Apple for the iPhone 5, and now they're paying for it. It's plain and simple, they could have carried the Z10, and decided not to. End of story.

    Don't worry Sprint, my parents, like many others, will be switching to AT&T next Friday when they release the Z10. Sorry!

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