• Rumor: Is A Netflix App Coming To BlackBerry 10?

    Netflix has been one of the apps that we've been dying to have on BlackBerry for a while now. It still hasn't come to the PlayBook and with tweets from their official accounts, it didn't seem likely they'd be coming to BlackBerry 10 either. All that may be changing though, as some pictures of a possible BB10 native Netflix app have surfaced courtesy of @BlackBerryScoop.
    Personally, I'm not convinced that these shots are all real. Specially the top one since it's a jpeg (BlackBerry 10's screenshots are in .png format), and photoshopping a logo on anything is ridiculously easy these days. So while this rumor is encouraging, it's anything but definite. Let's hope it does come to fruition and come January 30th, that we do get a Netflix app on BlackBerry 10. 34 days left!

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