• Rumor Mill: Is BlackBerry Planning Another Big Reveal For Tomorrow?

    Tomorrow, September 24th, BlackBerry is holding a huge event to launch the BlackBerry Passport in Toronto, London and Dubai. We're all actively anticipating the launch of the Passport..but is BlackBerry going to reveal something else as huge as well?

    We at BlackBerryOS.com are hearing rumblings that BlackBerry is planning on a "big reveal tomorrow and it isn't Passport or Classic related". Now this makes the mind whirl a bit about just what it could be? We've heard that the possibility of it being either a non-Playbook named tablet, the BlackBerry Manitoba (the replacement of the BlackBerry Z30) or a wearable watch.

    Of course it could be that they're announcing BlackBerry Blend even though it's not that big of a secret even though BlackBerry hasn't really publicly talked about it.

    We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information.

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