• Rumor: BlackBerry Torch 4G Coming to AT&T?

    Any time we see a date and a new device name on the same page we all get a little excited. The same can be said for this picture which reveals that the upcoming Torch 9810 will be released in August ahead of the Bold 9900 on AT&T. Another thing we can learn from this is what AT&T will most likely be calling it: the BlackBerry Torch 4G. Now is the Torch 9810 a 4G phone? Technically not, but this is definitely not a surprise as AT&T, like a few other carriers, have defined 4G as HSPA+ which the Torch does run.

    I personally do appreciate when a carrier labels a new second edition phone with a 2, 3G, or 4G in this case, to differentiate from the previous version of it. That way when making reference to this phone we wont be stuck to calling it the Torch 9810 and instead can just say the Torch 2 or Torch 4G.
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